The wedding ceremony was great, everyone is mingling as the reception begins, and then the music starts. No one knows any of the songs, the beat is too slow to dance to, and the DJ is cracking horrible jokes inbetween the tunes. Your guests can’t get out of there fast enough. Music can make or break your wedding reception. Here’s how to choose the right DJ while wedding planning.

First, decide what type of music you and your spouse are looking for. Do you want current, top 40 hits, classic oldies, a mix of both? Decide what music you and your guests will enjoy – it’s different for everyone.
Find a DJ that is well-versed in playing the music you choose. Sure he or she might have access to all the 80s music you want, but your wedding may be their first trial run when it comes to playing that era of music. Do your research to find someone who can keep the crowd moving.

What services do you want your DJ to offer, in addition to music of course? Do you want the DJ to emcee your reception, or let someone else do it? Who will introduce you as you walk in as a couple? Will your DJ be the ones to announce your first dance? Do you want your DJ to set up projection screens or lights? Look into what packages they offer and what will meet your needs.

wedding-dj-london-ontarioAsk to see footage from previous weddings he or she has DJed. You can ask to see your DJ in action, but keep in mind, if he invites you to someone’s wedding to see him perform, that might mean he’ll do the same to you. If you’re not ok with the possibility of strangers showing up at your wedding, don’t do that to someone else. Also, make sure to tell your DJ you would not be comfortable with them inviting anyone.
Tell your DJ where you stand on requests. If you want guests to be able to make them, find out if your DJ honors them. If you do not want requests taken, make sure to clear this with your DJ ahead of time.

Discuss your DJ’s needs. What resources will the venue need to provide the DJ (equipment, electric, etc.) Do they bring back up equipment in case something goes wrong? Will they require a meal break? Do you need to order them a plate?

Most importantly, look for someone who is willing to cater to your needs as a couple, and have fun while doing it. Your DJ will set the tone for your entire reception, so make sure they are excited and willing to work with you to make the night unforgettable for you and your guests.

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