Once wedding planning gets into full gear, it can be easy lose sight of the other events that lead up to the wedding, especially the bachelor party. As the only party solely for the groom, this is one of the last times the groom will have a party just for him and his friends without his soon-to-be spouse in attendance.
Traditionally, the best man does the bachelor party planning, but it is very important to get input from the groom. With so much to see and do in London Ontario, there are an infinite number of possible bachelor party options. The first step is to check out the tips below for help organizing the best bachelor party your groom can imagine.
Choose what type of party to plan. Decide what kind of party the groom would like to have. An intimate gathering with the men in his family? A night out on the town with family and friends? A weekend getaway with the guys? A dinner party with the men and women in his life?

How-to-plan-the-perfect-bachelor-party-london-ontarioDo something he enjoys. The bachelor party is for the groom and should be all about him. Let him choose activities he enjoys most. If he is not sure what he would like to do give him suggestions such as dinner and drinks, a concert, a trip to the cigar bar, a day of golf, etc.

Decide on your guest list. The best man should compile a guest list and run it by the groom for approval. Make sure this list is compatible with the size of your chosen venue.

Inform your guests. Include an itinerary with your guests’ invitation. This way guests know what events are involved and can have a general idea of the costs associated, especially since it is customary to cover all of the groom’s expenses for the party as well.

Stay organized. Keep up-to-date with the RSVP list and who you have yet to hear from. Make and confirm your reservations at the places you will be visiting for the bachelor party. Enlist a party planner to keep on top of the details and make sure it all runs smoothly.

Have fun. Relax and enjoy your time together. Remember, this is a party for the groom so he gets the final say on everything. If he says “no,” or “stop,” know that he means it. Always make sure he is having fun and his needs are met at all times.

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